Do you have students that forget their homework?

Would your students (or parents) like timely reminders of homework, tests, projects, and events?

Would you like your students to have quick and easy access to information about homework, exams, and projects?

Are any of your students dyslexic?  This can significantly impact their ability to read homework assignments that they have scribbled down at the last minute.

Would you be interested in a free teacher website?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you could really use this teacher service.

This new online service has been designed to help teachers share up-to-date information with both students and parents.  Whether you are an elementary school teacher or a college professor, this service can prove to be a great tool to help your students succeed. Sign up today!

Here is a demo of a teacher’s web pages.  Browse through it.  We have several layouts to choose from.

This would make a great gift for a teacher!

Is it FREE?  Not normally, though it is reasonably priced.  However, for a limited time, teachers who sign up using this link will have it free for the year!

Whether you are a parent, student, or a close friend, consider giving this to your teacher as a present.  It is a gift that gives back to the parents and students a hundredfold.



***  BENEFITS for the student or parent ***

The student or parent can:

  • Get a quick-view of the upcoming homework, tests, projects, or class events by just navigating to one web page.  Click here to see a sample of a teacher website!
  • Get timely email reminders of homework, tests, projects, or class events.
  • Get to know the teacher better by reading about his or her biography and qualifications.

***  BENEFITS for the teacher ***

A teacher can:

  • Be assured that the student has all the information resources needed to excel in the class – at any hour.
  • Enhance the teacher communication with other interested parties.
  • Not have to be woken up at night about things that are readily available on their website.





Do your children say that they don’t have any homework?  Or are they forgetting key ingredients like spelling lists?  Are you notified about projects the night before?  Stop the nightmare! Recommend this to your child’s teacher!  You can keep on top of things – even getting timely email notifications of all homework, projects, tests, and class events.


Are you the kind of student who normally does homework in the wee hours of the evening?  How much teacher support can you get at that hour?  Can you get any lost project instructions, test dates, etc at an hour that you are working on them?  Or do you have to wait till a more sane time of day (when you are actually sleeping)?  Suggest this affordable service to your teacher.  This allows your teacher to upload critical files so you can access them at your study time.  You can also get regular reminders of all your classroom-related events, tests, projects, and homework to keep you in the loop.

Don’t get left behind.  This can even help if you get sick.  You don’t have to rely on unreliable friends who may forget to let you know the next day’s homework.

College professors:

Are you tired of getting hassled by your students at unreasonable hours to repeat homework they forgot or to email them project instructions on a project due tomorrow?  Avoid having to answer phones in the middle of the night – about homework or tomorrow’s project.  Keep your students from having any excuses about why a project wasn’t done on time – or the homework wasn’t finished.  Use this service to keep them informed at hours that they keep.  This can also help students keep in the loop – even if they are sick.

It is all to easy for a busy teacher to hastily write homework on the board at the last minute.  Unfortunately, in such situations dyslexic students may often arrive home with an incoherent and incomplete list of what is to be done, not having the time or ability to copy it correctly in a short period of time.



Some teachers may have a website available through their school or school district that has a section for them to display their homework or display files to download.  Or they may be able to create their own pages using FrontPage.  But I doubt you will find any that will be as useful to your students as this excellent service.

Also, you don’t need any web-development tools to edit this site.  All you need is a web browser!  You don’t need to know how to write HTML code to edit this.